Haaktu I have to extend another 15 days in my current work. Can't wait to get out of PHP. And SQL (Oracle). After that, some days off, then back to Java. And Kotlin! PS: I'll be creating an app on Android. I'll ask for some beta testers here in sublevel. Can I get an A-men?!
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Mark Dain Aww PHP isn't so bad ... *hides ZCE certificate* -- sadly I can't test as I don't have an Android device, but I wish you the best in making it
5y, 33w 1 reply
Haaktu Thank you! And yes, PHP isn't so bad. It's just me. :)
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😀 Tom I can beta test, depending on what the app is and its permissions.
5y, 33w 3 replies
Haaktu Yay! Thank you. What permissions would repel you from using an app?
5y, 33w 2 replies