Haaktu Listening to music on repeat while cutting code is not a new idea. But it is just now that I'll try to use it. Anybody doing this or has experience? What tracks do you listen to?
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Nkrs I do this a lot. What I listen to depends on the mood but I've found that it helps me focus on the task at hand. For studying it's often some ambient stuff (for example, any album by God Is an Astronaut or Austin Wintory's Journey OST), but for coding and other activities it can be anything from jazz to heavy metal.
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😀 Tom Back in high school in my programming class, our teacher would play Enya. I don't remember it being a distraction or anything.
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Haaktu I'm currently listening to dub. Lesser understandable vocals are better. Enya made me (still makes me) want to sleep. :)
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