Zero Edge This thread on hackernews has me completely baffled: news.ycombinator.c... . I cannot imagine debugging without a debugger. People in the thread act like step debugging you simply step through the entire code and don't simply place breakpoints at the places you want to look. I am so confused... I mean I use print every once in a while but I cannot imagine the kind time I would waste not using a proper debugger. Maybe I am just spoiled using Visual Studio and other modern ide's suck? You're telling me you print an entire hash table to inspect a few elements for improper data??
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πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ Gianguido Just yesterday I was working on a niche system, trying to debug a piece of code running on said system: I wish I had a debugger handy. The reality is sometimes you simply don't have one available, and the only alternative is adding printf's, recompile, flash/run... it gets tiring but that's the way it is!
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Zero Edge Been there a few times.. I am just so spoiled by my debugger I shiver thinking of coding a big project without it. I am sure this is very language dependent.
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