Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
I realized that I get frustrated because the world is not working the way I think it should work. But that's not the world's problem. The world is just the world. It's a problem with my perception of how the world should work. So really I can control this frustration, because it's my problem. Re-framing it that way has helped me
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I was of the same opinion as that of the OP and had given up on news of any kind for the past three months. But your world view puts things from a different perspective and think makes sense. Thank you for putting it up here. But thinking on a meta level, is it again not just giving up as to where and how the world is moving by saying it's out of our control?
It's not really about controlling where the world is moving. It's about controlling your emotions towards it. Worrying is exhausting so I pick the top 3 - 5 most important things in my life and try to influence those things. And let the rest go. Can't bend everything to your will