❄️ Geoff What's the theory behind prohibiting replying to your own thread ?
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Chicken Waffles there is nothing like having an imgur(example) account-then having some keyboard warrior replying to a "silly" post with 15-comments which is a 2500-word thesis on why you shouldnt let your image be on the internet comment/break/comment/comment/break and it's only ONE person...and they down vote your profile into oblivion(like reddit brigadoing)
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🧔 Justin It also applies to your own comments, which means you can't circumvent the character limit until someone responds to you. So, you could create a second account, reply with a period, then continue on with your main account. I'm not a fan of that aspect of the site and I think the character limit should be increased by a good margin. Everyone here seems to have something interesting to say and I don't want that to be stifled.
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Joseph Gilmore I don't mind the no replying to yourself if the character limit is increasedZ
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🌋 Pod Unk Threw me for a loop at first, now I like the simplification of it.
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❄️ Geoff Yes, but it limits your ability to continue the conversation at the original level... forces conversations to diverge
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