🧉 Martin A few years ago I decided to learn Esperanto (the constructed language). I now spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days per week speaking it with friends from around the world. AMA :) (or just shake your head disapprovingly)
🔥 Gluco How long did it take you until you were able to speak about everyday experiences? Any particular entry book you can recommend?
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🧉 Martin It's easy to progress quickly in the language due to its regularity and how well it was designed to reinforce itself grammatically. After around 6 months I was able to have a good level of conversation. After 1 year of study and use I felt pretty close to fluent, and attended classes at CEFR C1. The course at lernu.net/eo/kurso... is a good start, as well as the Duolingo content. My friend released Teach Yourself Esperanto last year, and that's a great book!
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