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☕✍️ David Antoine I wish I could get back my love for reading. I was reading a lot, exclusively science books (astronomy, physics, evolution, geology, etc.)... My work basically stopped my readings for more than twelve years now. Even with the pandemic slow down, I'm still not reading anything, except a few online articles. And too much YouTube. Damn internet. Even if that's not an excuse. I hope the envy will come back to me... 🙄
⚪⚫ Ghostis I use a PiHole to block not only ads, but Reddit, HN, Youtube, FB, IG, etc. when I need an internet break.
🦚 Kogicon What 1 book has most changed your life, and why?
⚪⚫ Ghostis The Calvin and Hobbes Compendium by Watterson. It showed me that I didn't have to compromise or settle when making artistic objects.
Dan Heath Any recommendations for good podcasts on any subject?
⚪⚫ Ghostis Snap Judgement, Snap Judgment Spooked, The Knowledge Project by FS, Marketplace (public radio show), Planet Money, Particular episodes: TAL's The Giant Pool of Money, SJ's Lightning Strike Story,
🚲🕊 Koen West What is your favourite terminal emulator? For me: iTerm on macOS, Alacritty on Linux
⚪⚫ Ghostis I'm mostly in screen, so anything that doesn't take over Alt, Crtl, and Esc is fine (Ahem, Apple)
🤬 Foobar I've had to limit my Twitter and Facebook (and sometimes Reddit) usage. They haven't been great for my mental health.
📉 Bill Stock market thread 7/13, go:
⚪⚫ Ghostis Nearly straight index investor, except for a tiny bit of TQQQ for fun.
🕊 Adam Siwiec I am 19. Stanford CS student. What should I build?
⚪⚫ Ghostis A few things that generate moderate amounts of consistent income. Life saver if your job goes sideways.
🔗 Peter Cooper So my business is running about 12 different weekly email newsletters (all double opt in, people want them!) in the software development space.. JavaScript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, things like that. So if you have any links I should be considering, just hit me up.
⚪⚫ Ghostis How do you handle payments?
Madiba hello embarking on a new chapter of my life ( startup), feeling cute might give up later
💪😩 Joe Good morning!
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