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It's an idea from genetics where you lose variation in a gene pool when a small population establishes something new. Based on presentation alone and the very different features Subreply offers, a certain kind of crowd seems to be attracted to this platform. That is perhaps why I am seeing multiple calls for open sourcing where I don't see in other corners of my web experience.
Got it. Thanks for explaining it. Makes sense.
Hello world, so clean!
Clean, and so the world hellos.
I see. Thank you for responding and for clarifying. You were not the only one that is calling for this, but it did make me curious. I believe we have an interesting founder effect situation happening with who is being drawn to such a minimal social network. I am genuinely intrigued by the calls to improve experiences here. Thank you again!
I value an honest person I may disagree with far more than a fake person who says what you want to hear. At least the honest person leaves themselves open to discussion or debate.
How you distinguish the two? The first could be a contariam. The second someone who believes in building bridges.
LinkedIn initially rejected two bug reports from me. The first was fixed. For the second one they just deleted a post I couldn't access when logged in. Now I want to build an alternative. Every account can have a resume, post jobs, share stuff with mentions and private messages.
I haven't used linkedIn in years. Left tired of all the spam tactics employed. It also didn't help their efforts of trying to make of it another engagement seeking platform. Regardless, an alternative would be very welcome. (So many words just to say 'go for it')
What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
4-7am. Its already morning (where I live), but most people are still sleeping. I feel productive and focused, as there's little to no outside distractions. Besides, the rising sun makes me joyful and hopeful.
I'm really upset that the lowest volume level of iphone/ipad is still too high for me. When using a noise-cancelling headset in a quiet open space it's drilling my ears. I don't get how this is even possible.
I so feel you! Naps are wondrous, magical things!
+1 for naps. And recently I've discovered something even better than napping: yoga nidra.
Hello and welcome to this beautiful new week, full of chances and possibilities! How do you all feel on this Monday?
It's Monday today! (Yesterday we had a holiday in Brazil). I like Tuesdays, so I'm feeling good this Monday. ;)
... clear of photos, stories, memes, (...) and ADS! We hate ads! I bet everyone hates ads, even the advertising guy!
Silly me. Laptops never felt like real computers to me. Call me old-fashioned or just dumb, I don't care. I want a sturdy desktop. A *place* for my mind to flow towards programming and other technical stuff.
I feel I understand you. Desktop computers have a kind of physicality that makes them more reliable, a sturdiness akin to a good old-fashioned workshop tool, like a vise, or a sledgehammer. Even if most of it is just a projection, there's a mental comfort in feeling confident in its tool-like hardiness that a flimsy laptop cannot provide.
I like how wholesome this community is. I haven't seen any trolls or anything even close to those Twitter flame-wars. I've always felt that every social media platform has its own personality, and I really love Subreply's. Or perhaps it's because there's only a handful of people here and a social network is doomed to be toxic as it gains popularity.
You're right on both accounts. Whatever personality this has is just the sum of all the people active here. So, if subreply's is the way it is because individually we're cool, level-headed people. And yes, if this grew exponentially, with it coming new and more conflict-seeking people, subreply's personality would change accordingly. The world is messy, and the more of the messy world you have in one place, the noisier it gets. Past a certain point it's just deafning.
Yeah I agree, It's just sad to see friends being supportive but then also being hurtful when its not their friend, or feeling entitled to know everything that's going on in my head like they're a therapist or something. I don't even understand why I feel the way i feel. Putting it into words and then having someone challenge it feels dehumanising if I'm honest. Seeing them hurt people that aren't me feels just as bad as if it was. I don't want mates rates acceptance, ya know?
You're absolutely right. Friends, especially long standing ones, tend to do that: think they understand more than they do. But, more generally, most people act in the same way, assuming understanding where there's little to none. We're born like that, kind of hearing-impaired to the hearts of others. That's why understanding has to start with within us, as an acquired nature, almost akin to an art. That's also why understand and acceptance have to go hand in hand.
I really wish it wasn't such a statement to question your gender. Leave me alone, I just wanna figure out what I like... I'm not trying to be anything in particular and insisting that I have to choose is just part of the problem. Yeah lots of things are accepted today, but that's really disingenuous to say when you know full well that people still find it weird or "alternative" to even just wonder about things.
Well, eventually (I hope) it will be like that. Some (if not all) societal changes take time to become assimilated. Novelty has first to wear out in order that the 'new normal' becomes just another very normal, nothing out of the ordinary 'normal'.
Have gone back more to posting to my own little microblog site. For all the positives I may find here or there, there's nothing like having control of your own data. (Is there an export option on #subreply?)
Yeah. It's very liberating to have control over our data. I'm a bit of school on that regard. I prize having everything (significant) local. Our data, our rules!
Unless you have a home office and then you can still work a bunch of hours.
Yes. You're right. That's more and more the case nowadays. Well, if overtiming, I hope they get payed accordingly. If not, and done out of pleasure (because you love what you do), they'll be having a good (over)time, which is a good way to spend a holiday. Or so I hope...