Brazil now has a $200 bill. The latest Brazilian money, the Real, was introduced in 1994. So far, the largest bill was $100. In 26 years, an inflation of about 2.7% per year would have caused the currency to lose half of its value. The actual annual inflation rate has been at least twice that. So, in practical terms, a $200 bill makes sense... but I still don't like it.
It doesn't tickle my fancy either. The bill was released in the capital cities yesterday. Haven't seen one yet.
Right, and I just found out it is the same size as the $20 bill. Kind of dumb, ruins the whole accessibility thing. I like the white-gray color, looks sleek.
Brazil is not particularly inclusive regarding those with disabilities. That just reafirms policy makers don't care about that.
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In fact, the bill has three marks in relief so that those with disabilities can recognize it.
Good to know there are those marks there (I haven't followed, nor I understand the fuss around the new bill). In any case, the marks solve the problem for people with a particular disability. The size solves the problem for others.