two thoughts on existential crises. 1. I should feel lucky that I have the luxury of going down existential rabbit holes, contemplating my own existance and purpose; I don't have to worry much about food or shelter. It would be great if everyone could have that privilege. 2. Existential crises are extremely counterproductive given any sort of material goal. Want to go to Mars? Sitting there and contemplating your existence will not take you there.
1. Either that or you are a philosoper, where going down the existential rabbit hole is an art and trade. I'm on that camp.
Cool! That's definitely a valid exception. How did you get into this line of work? Are you in academia? I am sure there is a huge difference between what I go through when I go down an existential rabbit hole and what you do for a living.
I'm flirting academia, but not yet advanced enough to get there. In the meanwhile, I dabble with the existential rabbit holes of middle schoolers. Those can get pretty big pretty fast.
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