🗨️ Fui Last day on earth. What would you do?
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Diva Eat good food, drink wine. Tell my friends how much I love them.
2y, 32w 1 reply
🗨️ Fui That's very Epicurean! And since every day can be our last day here, that's always the wisest of choices: having a great time with the ones you truly love.
2y, 32w reply
⚡ Kay maths debate
2y, 36w reply
Tien Quan release time machine :)
2y, 36w reply
🌊 Zero Two listen to music and dance
2y, 36w reply
👁️ Mbladra Pay for WinRAR
2y, 36w 5 replies
Aaron Brown Try to fix why it's the last day unless it's the start of a fun space adventure. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
2y, 36w reply
2y, 36w reply
⚫ Aaron so brave
2y, 36w reply
🗨️ Fui Crap! I forgot that. Eternal damnation for me for sure.
2y, 35w reply
💻 Kenneth Jensen I bet you'd buy mIRC, too, you monster!
2y, 34w reply
🌱 Slow make coffee, smoke a j, eat ice cream, be w my partner. in rotation
2y, 36w 3 replies
🌚 Cosmo Why not all at once?
2y, 36w 2 replies