Software developer from Melbourne, Australia.
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Oh wow! How are you coping with the curfew? I hope you are safe and well.
Personally, doing fine -- playing more video games than ever! The main inconvenience I theoretically see would be buying food after 8pm, or forgetting something during my one allowed daily shop. I do have friends who I'm worried about though, who have had their workplaces or positions shut down due to the restrictions. And good luck to you as well, sounds like things are getting a little scary over there.
What are you current projects?
Thinking about reproducing my local mountain range (in a stylised way) in a game similar to Pokemon Snap.
37-42 degrees Celsius and sometimes higher is usual for summers in Bakersfield, California USA.
Similar to our summers here in Melbourne! Though we just had a 17 degree day and it felt like spring had arrived -- hard to imagine how much warmer it'll get by the end of summer.
Why did you decide to learn Esperanto and not Spanish? They seem very similar
Pretty different set of (linguistic) considerations between learning a natural and constructed language IMO. And cultural too, I imagine!
this is saturday night
No it's not, it's Sunday night
Write something for this to disappear.
That was fantastic! I'm partial to the Mel Torme version, but she was swinging it as hard as Mel. I'm definitely looking up more Andrea Motis. Thank you!
And thanks to you for the Mel Torme recommendation-- what a voice!
Do you like jazz? You might like Shubh Saran. I don't know, there's a lot of different kinds of jazz. It sounds a little like an instrumental Dave Matthews Band (real fans call him "Dave").
I do like jazz! I recently heard this wonderful version of "Lullaby of Birdland" ( and immediately decided that it's time to work on my jazz guitar skills.
Amazon is running a huge deal on Apple AirPods, the brand new is only $128 and thats $30 less than elsewhere! But here is what no one else will tell you! If you look at the used products session, same amazon is selling one for just $98, its used but comes with a guarantee!!!
Perhaps we could tag . Thought I saw a moderator account the other day but can't find it now
its a calm and less checked atmosphere. Theres no need to be here snd thats why its enjoyable for some. Great build for a small community that reminds me of my forum days
When you say "forum", I think that's not far off what I'm feeling here.
57 folders in the projects folder between 2012 and 2019. You know the one that's finished.
Finished! Should we infer that there won't be many new developments on Subreply?
Do you play any games?
(Re)playing Dark Souls 3 at the moment. Enjoying it far more than I did the first time. It's a wonderfully-built game in many ways, I think I was just a bit tired of the series the first time around.
A friend of mine just got into writing python. He's now asking if there are any resources for learning to write code more elegantly. Has anyone ever read anything that's helped you with the quality of your code?
Related somewhat to the Haskell reply, I'd advise being very _conscious_ of mutable state. You're in a high-level language which aims to support functional style in many places, so err towards minimising mutable state, and introduce it only with full consciousness of its purpose and consequences.
In the North East UK it's just wet and miserable. If we're lucky we get nice cold crisp days but usually just icy rain. Occasional snow.
I've always wondered about snow in the UK. We basically don't get snow here at sea level, so I'm curious about why, for example, Sapporo gets so much snow despite being at roughly the same latitude as Hobart. My understanding is that the oceans surrounding Australia moderate the temperature of cold air coming from the south -- all the bordering land is to the north, and therefore warmer.
What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
Currently using org-roam in Emacs. It's pretty good, though I think it would make more sense if I was also more invested in Emacs outside of org-roam.
Perhaps hashtags could serve as a function for topic based thread organization.
Hashtags would be nice, but it as above says, the search is not quite there yet.