🎲 Jamie Hacked together a Conway's Game of Life with configurable survival parameters. Few thoughts: 1. I suspect the usual parameters are the most (visually?) interesting. 2. Might prove that point wrong if I bothered to add customisable starting state. 3. Either oCanvas or the HTML canvas takes way too long to create all the rectangles -- even for this 20*20 grid. Have a lookie: jamjam.ml/flexicell
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😏 Yt L. I've done a bit of experimenting with this myself. I reasoned that there are a finite number of "games" of life - you have 3 actions (grow, stay, die) and 9 possible neighbor counts, so there are 3^9 potential rules. I tried computationally searching this space for the most "interesting". Didn't have great results.
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