What do you do when your unmotivated?
try to asses why i am unmotivated. usually it's because i'm trying to do something i only think i care about, rather than something i truly care about. if i absolutely need to do the thing im unmotivated to do, i try to find if there's a way i can satisfy the need in a way that is interesting
The problem is that I'm unmotivated to study for (graduation) exams for a major I no longer care about. I was thinking of taking a day or two off and truly unwind. Not sure if that would actually help.
What made you initially interested in the major?
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My path wasn't that clear cut, so I can't really give a straight answer. Whatever it was, I now think very little of higher education (as I know it) and have a vested interest in self-teaching and programming. So, twice a year in exams season, I get stuck between wanting to write code and having to study the most archaic aspects of my major (we're still being taught the sapir-whorf hypothesis as a valid thing.)
I'm curious to hear your opinions of higher education. Why do you think very little of it?