Flo How did you find out about Sublevel?
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😀 Tom Hacker News. I didn't make an account right away (I should have and maybe I would have gotten the username I wanted), but I came back about two months later and started using it.
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Eduardo A. Dribbble
8y, 43w reply
Martijn When Ello.co launched there were a lot of social-network-talks, one of those sent me here. I think... it was some time ago.
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Asko Designer News.
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Mark Dain Somebody posted the link on Hacker News. Not as an article but a reply to a comment. I think the thread was about social networks
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John Olinda For the life of me I can't remember... It wasn't through someone already on here, so I must have read about it elsewhere. I bought Monochrome around that time, so I might have noticed it when I was on 's site and checked it out then.
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