Flo I'm starting to learn html and css. Any advices or resources? What language should I learn next?
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Eric Inspect the source code of pretty much everything. Tamper with pages through the browser Developer Console. If anything remotely catches your attention on the web use the Dev Tools to figure what makes it tick. Do that alongside all the other recommendations here - it's good to read manuals but it's great to see things in the wild.
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Mark Dain Anywhere except w3schools; tons of outdated resources and bad examples. Avoid like the plague. Due to various SEO reasons they're usually on Google but MDN is . Go there instead.
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Ja teamtreehouse.com has good courses, well- paced for beginners too. After HTML and CSS go to JavaScript. There's plenty to get on with with those 3.
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Itchap I like the new Mozilla dev portal: developer.mozilla....
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Flo Thanks, that looks very helpful.
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🦿 Lucian Marin Here's how I started, maybe it helps. lucianmarin.com/ar...
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Anatasof Wirapraja oozled.com has tons of links for you to check
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