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Oh man, you really opened this Pandora's box. I thought it was an unspoken understanding on here to ignore Jerrod.
I love this thread and Jerrod on Subreply. It's just... so real.
Yesterday I've watched an anime series on a usually much less glamorous sport: ping pong. And I was truly impressed how much one could dive into the psychology of sports through such simple premise: what makes one good at a sport? The series? Ping Pong the Animation (2014), by Masaaki Yuasa.
I love the fact that there is anime about anything
I wish I could start a company that builds crazy hardware like Pocket ( from Analogue. I would rebuild Sony Vaio P with brand new hardware. Make the whole keyboard a trackpad just like Blackberry does on their smartphones. Add phone and NFC capabilities to it too.
I have these thoughts from time to time, rejecting them due to the necessity of at least a tens of thousands devices to produce them in sufficiently advanced manufacturing technology.
4-7am. Its already morning (where I live), but most people are still sleeping. I feel productive and focused, as there's little to no outside distractions. Besides, the rising sun makes me joyful and hopeful.
Absolutely. If I can (due to my "normal World schedule") I go to sleep at twilight and wake up at dawn, being the most productive till 9-10 am.
I'm really tempted to make a wierd language for my worldbuilding thing. I can't stop thinking about the idea of a language that is half spoken and half signlanguage. Talking to someone and giving them context or other only mildly relevant information with your hands while vocalizing the important parts... Time to figure out how to do conlangs I guess haha
What a Wonderfull idea! Can't wait to see alpha
Whatcha hosting? :)
For now just a simple Nextcloud with photo library, music samples and audio recording from jams, but I hope to have my own mail soon
Are you guys on Mastodon? I have just set up my instance and I am looking for people to follow
Not yet but I will check it out! Is it like decentralised Twitter?
Domestic or international travel?
I've had one international travel to get my friend back home (cancelled flights), but right now I am sightseeing countrysides on a motorcycle
There is one. Turn on Dark Mode on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Gnome, etc.
I feel you. I've mostly moved on to Signal, but I don't have everyone on there. Also, the Signal app needs a lot of work to be as polished as WhatsApp.
I have just stopped replying on WhatsApp and Messenger
What is your primary messaging app/service?
If I may, are there any specific types of groups or events you follow that only list on Facebook?
Unfortunately it is most of the events in the town I am living in right now. Another way is to walk from club to pub and look at the posters .-.
seems like the new design recognizes this, emphasizing groups and events over newsfeeds. if those features are useful to you, then why quit at all? maybe download the newsfeed blocker if you find yourself accidentally 'doomscrolling' after logging on to check events
Newsfeed blocker is always my first plugin in a newly configured browser
Tonight I'm hacking around with some socket programming. Haven't done any low level stuff in ages. So much fun!
I remember when I had to gather data from Pixel detector implementing TCP/IP on its FPGA. I don't know why, but it was pure pleasure.
Sounds like you're going to need a lot of coffee :) Good luck.
How are you spending your vacations now that travelling is not an option?
Travelling. Just in smaller scale.