Fiatjaf why all sites use email as the login name everywhere now? what has happened with 'usernames'? is this a thing of the old internet? I wish I could type 'fiatjaf' everywhere, instead of ''.
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🦿 Lucian Marin I will try to implement both possibilities on Sublevel. I prefer to login with my username too.
8y, 28w 1 reply
Fiatjaf I swear wasn't trying to criticize Sublevel. I really couldn't even remember if Sublevel accepted usernames or just emails.
8y, 28w reply
Martijn It is a usability thing. People are way less likely to forget their email address than what username they picked.
8y, 28w 2 replies
Fiatjaf which people? people not used to computers and the internet, you mean? or people who had an ICQ nickname in their youth?
8y, 28w 1 reply