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RIP CloudFlare DNS. This is why we should have a decentralized internet.
It is decentralised. I use a different DNS, no impact at all.
Can't just crack a smile and move on?
Some things are just not funny.
What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
I use Notes app (iOS, macOS). My work markdown "wiki" is managed with Typora (all markdown files on OneDrive).
fun fact MMS and SMS are not encrypted
Early 2011 MacBook Pro. I did put in an SSD a couple of years ago. Now hoping this one will last until the ARM MacBooks are released.
Waiting for ARM based MBPs too.
What is your primary messaging app/service?
iMessage, and the old SMS/MMS.
Are you *truly* scared of that? How has his Presidency truly affected your life personally?
I take everything that affects humankind at a global scale personal. He embodies everything I unequivocally reject. He is the antithesis of my behaviour, my believes, my cares, my humanity.
I work in the Civil Service. How about you?
What does it means? Is it that you work for a country's government? If so, that's a really broad spectrum. Is it a profession?
What's one thing you are currently scared about?
Opera is closed source and owned by a Chinese company. I strongly do NOT recommend.
Because we all know the Chinese are very bad, but our governments of the West are truly bonafide. </s> :-D
Most names have interesting meanings. Michael means "who is like god?" Nikhil means "without boundaries". What does your name mean?
I am fastidious. That's all. :-) created by is gathering steam. People tell their stories (real and fictional) and others respond with anecdotes of their own
So, a multiuser blog community?
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