Very excited about the upcoming iOS 14, macOS "Big Sur," and Apple Silicon. Really exciting times ahead!
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Agreed! I'm even more excited for the future Apple is building w these updates. Specifically how App Clips can possibly integrate with whatever AR glasses thy build (or to become the Wechat of the West?)
iOS apps on macOS, but why not watchOS apps on iOS instead of widgets?
watchOS apps on iOS is a cool idea indeed, would be like having widgets on steroids. Maybe there are some limitations not allowing that specifically? Or they just didn't think about it...
You don't need a watchOS app on iOS, they are specifically made for the watch tiny screens, and very specific features. If I were a developer, and wanted my watchOS on iOS, I would simply create one for it. I am sure it would be something rather easy to do. iOS apps (though I am thinking more as iPadOS apps) on macOS make sense. They are normally designed for an almost desktop-like interaction.
For once I'm actually looking forward to these updates!
I was eyeing to buy a new Mac (perhaps a MBP), since my mid-2011 iMac can't upgrade beyond High Sierra. I will now wait until year's end and get me an Apple Silicon bases one. I have also downloaded iOS 14 developer preview, but I don't think I will proceed with the install. I have beta tested all versions of iOS this far, though, so the temptation is real. :-)