🐵 David Very excited about the upcoming iOS 14, macOS "Big Sur," and Apple Silicon. Really exciting times ahead!
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🍩 Abu Qader Agreed! I'm even more excited for the future Apple is building w these updates. Specifically how App Clips can possibly integrate with whatever AR glasses thy build (or to become the Wechat of the West?)
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🦿 Lucian Marin iOS apps on macOS, but why not watchOS apps on iOS instead of widgets?
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☕ David Antoine watchOS apps on iOS is a cool idea indeed, would be like having widgets on steroids. Maybe there are some limitations not allowing that specifically? Or they just didn't think about it...
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🐵 David You don't need a watchOS app on iOS, they are specifically made for the watch tiny screens, and very specific features. If I were a developer, and wanted my watchOS on iOS, I would simply create one for it. I am sure it would be something rather easy to do. iOS apps (though I am thinking more as iPadOS apps) on macOS make sense. They are normally designed for an almost desktop-like interaction.
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Burensasub For once I'm actually looking forward to these updates!
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🐵 David I was eyeing to buy a new Mac (perhaps a MBP), since my mid-2011 iMac can't upgrade beyond High Sierra. I will now wait until year's end and get me an Apple Silicon bases one. I have also downloaded iOS 14 developer preview, but I don't think I will proceed with the install. I have beta tested all versions of iOS this far, though, so the temptation is real. :-)
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