Etc Decided I wanted to make a scalable web app - finally have a chance to learn elixir!
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Mark Dain Oh I've always found Elixir/Erlang hard to learn. What are you learning with/from? Perhaps there's hard to find tutorials
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Etc I did some erlang a while ago so it's pretty familiar - never had a project for it though!
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Kodo elixir is fun. I went from elixir to crystal because I didn't want to always have to carry a VM around with me. crystal is another ruby syntax inspired language but it compiles to binary
Etc I spent a little bit of time with crystal a year ago! Yeah I've avoided erlang/elixir for a while because none of the tasks needed its nice concurrency. I was always curious about crystal's implicit sum types - do you know if it always keeps type information to at run time to do it, kind of like go does?