Etc Also funny that the slowest thing that loads is people's profile pictures
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🏒 Lucian Marin Profile pictures are JPEGs at 240x240px, 85% quality, progressive with no chroma subsampling. Yes, they are pretty big for simple avatars but they are cached by your browser. Almost 1.75x bigger on average than normal JPEG settings of 75% quality and strong chroma subsampling. I guess quality matters too, not just speed.
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Etc That's a good point! On reloading it's instant :D
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Bugabinga The icon is only 40x40px. Is the picture larger for retina? What is the state of image compression nowadays, I heard Google have some new algorithms. Android used to recommend PNGs with agressive compression. Is that applicable here?
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Mark Dain Are you using Immutable? That may help: (supported by at-least Chrome and Firefox, if not more)
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