Martijn Today I am adulting, looking into insurance matters.
Chris Gower In the UK, dental work and visits tend to be free with an NHS dentist up to 18. Anything after that is then paid for by yourself including visits to the dentist. When the National Health Service was first set up after the Second World War, at first it included everything including optical and dental services. But the cost became too much and the government decided to charge for these services. Numerous Cabinet Ministers resigned at this decision and now we are facing the gradual decline and dissemination of the service. Welcome to neo-Victorian Britain.
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Eric From my experience there's some sneakiness and the NHS dentistry service will classify a dentist surgery as a hospital so that patients get free work done. Personally this was for braces and orthopaedic work. Usually it would have cost hundreds but as it was in a "hospital" (the place was a converted house) it was free.
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