Eric As a Shortwave radio noob it's so infuriating having 4/5 google-result discussions on the issues facing beginners trying to understand their kit descending into arguments about what's legal or requires licencing. The original questions about the usage methods go out the window & it becomes a mess of armchair-lawyers debating radio laws without the OP ever getting answered :(
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😀 Tom FYI: There's a difference between "noob" and "newb". "noob" has a negative connotation or meaning, whereas "newb" does not. Someone who is new and just trying to earn (and maybe making mistakes) is just a newb. Someone who is new and doesn't care about mistakes or is just being an idiotis a noob. It sounds like you're a newb and not a noob, but those other people could be noobs.
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Eric I'll use newb from now on, using noob is a throwback to my days as a kid on mmorpgs.
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