Eric I know The Telegraph's mobile website doesn't make you pay for entry like the desktop version, but to cover the cost using auto audio playing ads is a real annoyance. It cuts any music playing and will play out of speakers otherwise. This happens on almost every article. /whinge
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John Olinda Any time I open a news article and a video starts playing automatically, it makes me want to leap through the internet and slap the person who built the site.
8y, 23w reply
Martijn Time for ad-blockers. I have tried browsing with Firefox + uBlock on Android for a few weeks, and while Firefox feels less responsive than Chrome there is still a net-profit. Or at least it feels like it.
8y, 24w 1 reply
Eric I tried Firefox android before, sad to say I won't be going back. Shame that they've got a love for really chunky UI as a company atm
8y, 24w reply