Eric My laptop has 8GB RAM, 1TB HD & an i7 processor, yet Windows 8 is still freezing up & lagging regularly. Am I at some fault here? I've run every scan I can think of & the thing is malware/virus free. Is Windows 8 just bad? (this is my first Win8 machine)
John Olinda Our student laptops use Windows 8.1 on machines with Celeron processors, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB hard drives and they're very responsive, so I would hazard that the problem is not with Windows in your case. Did it come with Windows or did you install it after the fact? We have much higher-specced machines at the school that lag because of overly-aggressive power management on the part of Samsung, so perhaps the OEM power settings are throttling your CPU?
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Eric It was preinstalled, which is probably the issue. Just waiting for the 10 release, else I'll split a partition and put on Linux Mint for leisure use.
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