Eric My laptop has 8GB RAM, 1TB HD & an i7 processor, yet Windows 8 is still freezing up & lagging regularly. Am I at some fault here? I've run every scan I can think of & the thing is malware/virus free. Is Windows 8 just bad? (this is my first Win8 machine)
Anatasof Wirapraja Was it installed on mac or other machine? Idk wether it's a myth or what but I used to dual boot my mac with Windows 8.1 with bootcamp and it's less laggy than on my Desktop PC (with higher spec than my MBP 2011 that time for sure)
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Eric Standard Lenovo (lol) laptop, I removed all the spyware they packed. In fact I discovered it by chance before the big news broke lol, check my Sublevels.
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