Eric John de Crevecoeur's (aka Hector St John) Letters From an American Farmer is well known but I can't find any summary on The Divided Loyalist by him. It's on sale in a lot of places but there's no blurbs or write ups to be seen. Anyone able to help with some superior Googling skills?
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John Olinda Hmmm, yeah, with all the results for The Divided Loyalist: Crevecoeur's America coming up and junking up the results, I can see why you're having difficulty. I'll have to take another look when I'm not on mobile so I can dig a little deeper.
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Eric I'm worried it might just be a sub section of LFAAF, since a few letters cover the subject of divided loyalty. I'm half tempted to phone one of the UK 2nd hand sellers to ask if they can give a summary.
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