Eric Advising the householder on protection against Nuclear Attack 1963 Home Office Publication. Makes for chilling reading.
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John Olinda I can't imagine living in constant fear of this sort of thing happening. I was just teaching about the Korean War and MacArthur's recommendation of using nuclear weapons. This part of the world might be a very different place if the US had gotten pushed just a little harder by the Chinese and gotten really desperate. Although it is possible that more people have died under the Kim regime than would have died from the use of a nuclear weapon.
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Eric It's all very terrifying but also morbidly interesting. The technology & the planning for all these catastrophic scenarios (both in attack & defence) is spectacular. Living under the threat of "The Bomb" is unimaginable to me.
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Martijn What is the copyright on this? Can we turn it into a good, accessible, piece of HTML?
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Eric I'm not sure, The Crown does has a copyright so it may fall under that (most Gov UK things do). Its also a historical item now so I'm sure they wouldn't care. I was planning to do what you've said. Theres more like this out there so it would make a fun repository to build. Search for more similar items? I'll set up the repo and get typing up this weekend or tomorrow evening! (I have github now :] ).
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