Eric Saw some adolescent pigeons for the first time today. For how common they are seeing a roosting mother with chicks is a rare sight.
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John Olinda Lies! Everyone knows that pigeons spawn from city rooftop vents fully grown.
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Adam Douglas Come to think of it, I haven't seen a roosting pigeon, though I've seen other examples. Are you a birdwatcher or was it a random encounter?
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Eric I've only been full-birdwatching once or twice, but I do try my best to know birds & will stop and take a gander if I see something unusual. These 3 birds (mother & two chicks) were roosting in the vent behind my local sports bar so this was a chance encounter. I tried to get some photos on the phone but the mother hurried the chicks away whenever I did, I've got a good one of her guarding the entrance. The chicks were grubby looking, feathers all over the place.
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