Eric Really want to treat myself to the iPhone 6 for my 21st, but whenever I look at the Apple Store prices I can't ignore my sensibilities that PS500+ for a 16gb device is just damn ridiculous. I know it's apples and oranges but I paid PS200 less for a laptop with 8gb RAM, 1.5TB HD and the latest processor. Apple's prices are just nuts.
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😀 Tom Is it because you're invested in the Apple ecosystem? What attracts you to the iPhone 6?
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Eric Only service I use regularly is the iTunes Store. I dunno, after swapping from android to the iP5 I've just found them far easier and handy. These actually feel like phones still, not mini computers in my pocket.
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Adam Douglas Technical director where I work just bought one and it honestly isn't much better than the 5s. Sure it's bigger but half a grand for a bigger screen? I'm biased against big screens but my advice is don't do it.
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