Adam Douglas Bye bye Android. Bye bye giant phone. Hello reasonably-sized iPhone 5. Life is good again. (Time until complaint about iOS keyboard: t minus 12 hrs 10 minutes)
Eric Exactly this. My iPhone 5's battery has become too unreliable now so I tried to use a spare HTC I have, the damn thing was so huge & awkward just to hold.
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Adam Douglas Yes, I had the same trouble. My original iPhone all but expired and before I could get a new one, I was presented with a big fancy Android device last Christmas. I didn't want to seem ungrateful but when it turned out that the battery would go down 20% in the space of 90 minutes--without being used and in airplane mode--I couldn't pretend that I liked it. Back to normal now. I just have to recalibrate my hands for a normal screen size now...
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