Eric Can't stop laughing.
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Lucy Monroe There aren't any words to describe this masterpiece!
9y, 4d 1 reply
Eric Web developments final form.
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Dongsung Kim Masterpiece.
9y, 6d reply
Adam Douglas That is simply amazing. At least it wasn't exported from Word, unlike a site belonging to a member of my wife's family (who was too cheap for me. call me harsh but freebies for anybody = no).
9y, 6d reply
Mark Dain I love the eagle in the top left, really completes the website. Where did you find this?
Adam Douglas Yeah, the eagle is definitely the clincher.
9y, 6d reply
Eric Was browsing the back pages of ClientsFromHell's comment sections. The eagle got me, it's timed entrance is comedy gold.
9y, 6d reply