Eric An experiment into building a user editable layout of text which dynamically avoid over lines of texts, curving around obstacles. This is also my first post to use screen-recorded gifs, and damn they look good. My write up is sub-par but I'm happy here.
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Asko What do you use to record to gif?
9y, 3d 1 reply
Eric screentogif.codepl... It's a very neat tool.
9y, 3d reply
Mark Myerson I like your brain
9y, 6d 1 reply
Eric Haha, thanks man. Hopefully it will take me places.
9y, 6d reply
John Olinda Now that's just cool.
9y, 1w 1 reply
Eric Thanks man, it was a fun experiment to do :)
9y, 1w reply
Dongsung Kim Now this is pretty awesome.
9y, 1w reply
Mark Dain Oh wow, this is really cool!
9y, 1w 1 reply
Eric Glad you like it, its still very rough - but I had an urge to finally release it. I plan to add the ability to change the nodes : characters ratios, when there are more nodes to a paragraph it's more reactive to other paragraphs and will properly bend around the other.
9y, 1w reply