Eric I'm in Brighton today and free from ~5:30pm if anyone is about, I think there are some Brighton dwellers on here. I won't murder you I promise.
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Mark Dain Despite living near Brighton it would take till 7-ish to get there. We could meet up over the weekend or are you in Brighton for just today? Actually having said that a Sublevel meetup, somewhere like London, would be cool, although I think there'd be about 5 people haha.
Martijn I would be game if I could finance my flight in some way. Sublevel community has been great so far!
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Eric Only for today, I'm at the CS course applicant day at the university which ends around 5. A meet up in London would be pretty fun, though Sublevel is such a small community (sorry, *growing* community) that I doubt there'd even be 3 attending lol. No doubt I'll be visiting Brighton some more these coming months and hopefully more permanently from September.