Eric Gave in, replaced Win7 on old netbook with Linux Mint. It's not longer a chugging mess now. I will miss the useful features on having Win though.
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John Olinda Yeah, as much as people love to hate on Windows, it really does have access to a huge selection of apps (as does OS X) that haven't been built for Linux. I used to do more video and photo editing and needed a lot of those programs, although now that I'm mostly back to web development and writing I find Linux to be more suited to my needs. But even if it wasn't I'd still mess with it because tinkering is a blast.
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Mark Dain What sort of features? I'm sure you can find good replacements.
Eric More the games, and not having to *find replacements* - as a simple browser/work mule it will do okay. But I've found myself regretting linux before.
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