Eric Fed a fox out the palm of my hand tonight, would have loved to have gotten photos but didn't want to scare the bugger. Fantastic.
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Bas Poppink This reminds me of a Kate Bush lyric, "I found a fox, caught by dogs. He let me take him in my arms. His little heart, it beat so fast.." Something like that. Hounds of Love.
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Josh Sharp Wow! I never knew they were so common in the UK until my girlfriend spent some time in London and saw two just hanging out in the street at night. I'm jealous of you.
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Mark Dain Yeah, I see foxes occasionally. They usually just stay out of your way but one came into the garden at night and ate our chickens. It's our fault though, we forgot to lock them up :( They're still cute though.
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Eric There's always lots around, the younger ones are surprisingly 'tame'. This particular fox came over after I called it as if it were a cat (kissing noise, rubbing hand). Town foxes are very used to people now and know that we'll feed them, rightly or wrongly..
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