Eric I wish UK media would stop referring to Russia as Vladimir Putin's Russia. They only employ this style when the nation in question is 'the bad guy' in their eyes. Please stop, it's so transparent.
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Reverendshaft Oddly enough, I just read an article not more than an hour ago and thought the same thing. It also is not lost on me that those on the Communist end of the spectrum see things like this and have little option but to add them as fuel to the fire of Western hypocrisy.
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Mark Dain While we're on the topic of things I hate about journalists, please stop calling Google the "Search Giant". They build self driving cars in their spare time. Please stop reducing them down. It's like they think everyone forgot Google is a search engine.
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Martijn I guess it is a weird way of political correctness? "It's not Russia we have a problem with, only Putin's Russia, so don't be offended if you have anything to do with Russia."
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Eric I'd like to think that, but I don't think its true.
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