Eric The new Android update has turned my once speedy Nexus 7 (gen 1) into a slow piece of brick. Material design is pretty awful too, looks unfinished, needless animations and all round slow. There's even a noticeable lag when unlocking the device, changing a song takes a second to trigger. Seriously what has Google done!? Awful.
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Simon Janes A rant related to this I think. My opinion on Material design is kind of mixed, I have a gut feeling that nearly all animations in computing are unnecessary--you should be able to glance at a display and understand it, and not be forced to watch the screen's behavior to understand it. Data can move, interface shouldn't.
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Eric Spot on.
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Bas Poppink I am convinced of the added value of motion in design. It should be applied with extreme care though, never getting in the way and be an almost subconscious enhancement. Subtlety is key. I think Google did an outstanding job in seriously attempting to describe the guidelines and putting them into practice. This also applies to other Material components. They deserve credits for that. And on my Nexus 5, it works like a dream. The new keyboard took me an hour to getting used to, and it is an improvement.
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