Eric Stock Illuminator is all client side so you can just steal the code and hack a better version yourself :) Otherwise just being me over the improvements on here and I'll put them in the hosted version.
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😀 Tom It only took a few minutes to become an "Ascended Being, A Higher Power ^". I only wish it was that easy in the real world :-)
9y, 11w 4 replies
Eric Do you want more levels? I need motivation to work on this thing again. It's a gem of mine I should pay more attention to.. Feature requests plz
9y, 11w 3 replies
Mark Dain Do you have GitHub? Seems like a good place to host it and collate all the improvements people come up with.
9y, 14w 5 replies
Eric I should, but I don't. As an outsider it seems like so much effort, if they had a client for Snow Leopard I'd probably be using it but they don't so I cba to learn and do it. When I start my course (hopefully next year) I'll defo set one up.
9y, 14w 2 replies
Martijn I can put this up on GitHub when I work on the CSS, with your permission . Would've already done so had the code included a permissive licence.
9y, 14w 1 reply