🉑 Vincent Leeuw How important is a story or setting to a game? We tried to answer that question during one of our GameDenken (Game Thinking) meetups yesterday. We concluded that in board games it serves as an introduction, to lure people into playing the game, but once playing, it falls to the background. For video games it seems to go the other way around, with the action itsef luring people in and the story keeping people hooked for the long term. Anyone else out there with thoughts about these statements?
Eric It depends how you divide between what's universe and what is story. The Fallout universe has me hooked but the playable stories are unappealing to me. The custom universe/rules me and friends play to a Risk board is the reason to play, I can't imagine trying to force a story into it. I'm finding it hard to think of board games with actual predefined stories to follow, they usually just have a universe to play within.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw Yup, that's true. The story is more emergent, though the setting is more influential. Now that I think about it, those games that focus more on story are usually role-play based. (Legends of Andor, Dungeons & Dragons).
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