Eric I used to love JavaScript but since joining I've felt guilty using it. Now even the most vanilla, barebones, teeny script feels wrong. But sometimes it is required, HTML and browsers do have their pitfalls.
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Mark Dain I think HTML 5 should work towards removing certain uses of JavaScript. For example the input tag could have an autoexpand attribute for growing and shrinking as necessary. Small stuff like that would chip away at the "need" to have JS enabled, like how CSS 3 removed almost all need for animation code in JS.
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🐞 Lucian Marin This! I wish I knew a contributor to WebKit/Gecko to propose autoexpand on both textarea and input tags. It works just like autofocus, but instead of focusing it expands the controls as we type. It can be controlled with CSS attributes like min-height and max-height. Maybe can help. :)
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