Eric New Site! (hooray), Any tips on improving the rough cut design, writing posts & anything else much appreciated!
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Mark Dain Looks nice on my phone! Is going to host it?
9y, 29w 1 reply
Eric Sweet! I've still got to smooth out a few problems with mobile view tho. Right now I've no plans to move host, I'm gonna let things settle so I can focus :)
9y, 29w reply
Kristineaz Is this your blog? I'm an Editor so the very first thing I always spot are typos & spelling errors. And you have, "As noted in the Wikipedia exert," and I'm guessing you mean "excerpt". So, I'd change that, if that more accurately reflects your intent. :)
9y, 29w 3 replies
Eric Yeah the quality of whats on there is really awful right now. I needed something to flesh out the site while I grabble the task of making it mine. I will improve with time :)
9y, 29w 2 replies