Mark Dain I have a problem at work I'm stuck on and I can't find anything online about this bug. Has anyone ever had a systemd timer configured `OnCalendar=*-*-* 01:30:00` (so 1:30 AM) but it's firing _every 12 hours_?! It runs 1:30 PM too as well as 1:30 AM. Other Linux boxes with "identical, as far as I can tell" configuration behave properly (run once every 24 hours at 1:30 AM). Ubuntu/17.04, Linux/4.9.36, systemd/232. Any tips greatly appreciated, been stuck for days on this!
Eric What does it do when it's set to 13:30?
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Mark Dain I'll have to check Monday (which may be fine as I rebooted Friday). I'd be completely confused if 13:30 worked as the development server is fine with 1:30... honestly I'd bet a reboot will fix it, and this problem won't ever show up again. If that happens, I guess it can be chalked up to "computers aren't perfect". Bugs exist in systemd, Linux, Xen, and processors themselves
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John Olinda One of the most unsettling things about being a sysadmin is how many problems are resolved - sometimes permanently - with a reboot. I can't even begin to remember all the problems that I've never gotten to the bottom of because they popped up once and never again.
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