Eric Do gaming laptops exist which don't look like garbage? Yknow, like a normal looking machine with a graphics card inside.
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☕ David Antoine That one still doesn't look very sleek but has _desktop_ GeForce 1080 inside... That thing must heat a lot...
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😀 Tom Holy Moley! To get a better view of how much of a beast it is, you have to look at the side view. Only 2MP front camera? With all the other specs they're throwing at it, you would think they might spend just a few more bucks for a better camera. I maxed out the customizer on internal hardware out of curiosity to see the price, and it's $11,764. That's insane. I was wondering if the thing even had a battery inside, it does and it's just shy of 3 hours for web browsing. I wonder how many tens of minutes that is for gaming :-)
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🤔 John I was looking at something the other day that said it had a "desktop-class" 1060 (iirc), benchmarks confirmed that was not true.
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🦾 Lucian Marin Did you look at Razer Blade laptops?
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