Eric Two nights of not being able to sleep till ~6am, today attempting a "reset" by riding it through. Hell for my health but I can't face being nocturnal. Hoping for sun so I can spend it bathing in the garden.
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Martijn Do you want to trade? Somewhere next week I am going to have to switch from CEST to PDT.
6y, 36w 1 reply
Eric Never knew the acronyms for those, neat.
6y, 36w reply
🍫 Lucian Marin Same here, but 4 AM instead.
6y, 36w 1 reply
Seth Kontny i feel youre pain
6y, 36w 2 replies
Eric Your sympathy is appreciated, thankfully I have an empty schedule today and it's very sunny. My front step is my resting post today.
6y, 36w 1 reply