Eric I have a pretty unique name, only me and one other exist on Facebook with it. My bad luck that the other guy has spread himself all over the front page of Google and has some rather tasteless content all over his abandoned MySpace (near top result). Thankfully he's far older and lives in the US so it's clear he's not me, but I'm still a little concerned this may become a problem. I've tried to contact him about it, I'm sure he doesn't want fetish videos appearing when his name is Googled either. I've had no reply though. Any tips?
😀 Tom Change your name or create your own content that pushes his to the third page of search results or so. Similar thing happened with my email address. Someone posted some pornography on UseNet using my email address, and since I have always been careful about spam, that was the first search result for my email address. I just changed my email address. There are several people with my first and last name that think my email address is theirs. I get spam intended for them now :-( Even a major US bank doesn't validate addresses before association with an account... (I still use that address somewhat, but give people my new address.)
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Eric I don't want to change my name, I've grown to love it and I'm pretty trenched into the whole honour your family stuff. I'll keep trying to get it removed by reporting it. I will rather begrudgingly use my proper name on more things and attach my photo where possible.
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