Eric Are global styles a good thing or should each page have its own vibe going? Magazines will have different everything to suit each article, why not websites? The basics should keep the same but individual peices deserve their own flavour. This is my current mantra. I remember this being a thing discussed lightly on the web years ago but can't find anything on it, anyone remember this too?
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Mark Dain Personally I think a consistent style is good as it helps anyone navigating your website. Each page could have its own flavor like different colors or fonts (on the article's part of the page) but I think navbar and some other key elements should probably stay the same everywhere.
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Eric I'm keeping a global navbar and a general flow with pages of the same sort of purpose (about me, radio etc). It's really dull if every page looks the same though and I don't fancy spreading across multiple domains. Consistent but varied is what I'm going for. So pretty much what you said.
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Martijn JSM used to experiment with per-article designs. You should definitely browse around in his archive: v4.jasonsantamaria...
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