Eric Building things Swift in XCode is very enjoyable, so quick to throw things together.
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Xasasfdasfd Wow, either they fixed a whole mess of things for Swift, or you're building much tinier things than I worked on in Objective-C, or...something. XCode has been hands-down the worst IDE I've worked with in over a decade.
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Eric I've come across Objective C while looking for swift related how-tos, it is the most ugly confusing thing I've ever seen. Swift is pretty much typed JS so I really like it. XCode has been really good so far, there's been no moments of bafflement. Everything it does makes sense to me so far. It's not a huge project but it's a fairly intricate thing. Will post details once its finished.
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Mark Dain What didn't you like about Xcode? It's been alright for me, although has messed up a few times. It's git integration sucks and some of the project details are confusing and buggy, but in general it's alright for me. Better than Android Studio anyway.
7y, 38w 2 replies